NeuroDevelopment Centre Anniversary

March 1, 2021

March 2021 marked one year since the Neurodevelopment (ND) Centre was set up as the first of its kind at MU-JHU. The center was a landmark achievement that moved neurodevelopment testing from a confined room in the MUJHU 1 building into a specially constructed space at the basement level of MU-JHU 3. The space in which it is currently located was previously dedicated to participant nutrition services which are currently being addressed through individualized nutrition counseling and support.

Neuropsychological Tester, Caroline Namono, observes a participant during a session.

The move from the single testing room to a dedicated ND space was the brainchild of Dr. Monica Nolan, the former MU-JHU Chief Operations Officer (COO), and Prof. Michael Boivin, Michigan State University who for a long time desired a center of excellence for neurodevelopment and neuropsychology in Uganda. With support from Michigan State University, their desire did materialize on 2nd March 2020 when the new space was finally opened. This coincided with initiation activities for the ND Brain Powered Games Study titled ‘Culture-Specific Neurodevelopmental Assessment of HIV-Affected Children’.
The study team greatly appreciates all efforts to put up these appropriate quarters for neurodevelopment research and training.

Dr. Lillian Wambuzi, ND-BPG Study IoR
Dr. Lillian Wambuzi, ND-BPG Study IoR

The current space has five testing rooms where ND testers can work with research participants, a data processing area and meeting space as well as a study oversight office for the Study Coordinator.
“We pledge to make this ND Centre a hub of innovation, quality research, and training in neurodevelopment and neuropsychology,” says Dr. Lillian Wambuzi, ND-BPG Study Investigator of Record ( IoR)