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Data Management

Given the value of data in MU-JHU Care Ltd, data management supports the data value chain by generating quality data needed for patient support and for decision making. Data management creates valuable information resources for the organisation through entry, management and reporting. The team roles and responsibilities are guided by the MU-JHU data governance policy.
Data management was incorporated during the inception of the organisation in 1988. Over time, the different roles have been added given the expanding number of studies and the need for quality data,
The Data management team is spread out throughout MU-JHU. The main data management office is located in MU-JHU three, top floor. Other data management team members can be located with study teams to closely support data management functions in close collaboration with study teams.

Data management at MU-JHU involves:

  • Receiving of Case Report Forms ( CRF)
  • Review CRFs for completeness
  • Entry of the CRF information into study-specific databases
  • Checking and validating participant information in the databases for completeness and consistency
  • Supporting study teams to resolve data queries
  • Preparing participants visit schedule/calendar
  • Development of study databases
  • Data analysis
  • Preparing study progress reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and on ad-hoc requests)
  • Supporting project/study leadership with monitoring and evaluation function for the project/study
Team structure, roles and milestones

The Data management team is comprised of Data managers and records clerks. The Data Management team are directly under the director of the Division of Quality Management (DQM). The senior data manager is supervised by the director of the division.

  • Senior Data Manager
  • Data Managers
  • Senior Data Technician
  • Records clerks
Daily operations and function across studies

The data management team members are attached to specific studies, where they are responsible for data entry, cleaning and preparing of study reports. They also prepare participants schedules and update participant clinic attendance as required.

The data team members directly under the QMD work across the network studies. Their work includes entry of participant information into the study databases (hosted by the Data Coordinating Centres (DCC)), supporting the clinic teams to respond to queries raised by DCC and updating all participant attendance information in the participant tracking databases.