Covid-19 Research Centre

March 15, 2021

The new structure adjacent to the MU-JHU gate is part of MU-JHU’s efforts to prepare for participation in COVID-19 related studies. Other preparatory activities included community engagement in which the MU-HU community section has had several sensitization meetings with different stakeholders and community leaders to enable them to understand this additional role to the existing MU-JHU studies and programs.

Welding of the barriers
Welding of the barriers

This sensitization was to help prepare the local communities within MU-JHU’s catchment area to accept enroll and fully participate in COVID-19 related studies. This structure will serve as a study clinic for COVID-19 related clinical trials including but not limited to vaccines and other preventive strategies such as monoclonal antibodies as well as trials on COVID-19 treatment.

The construction of this structure is supported by the COVID-19 prevention trials network (CoVPN), a network established by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

The focus of the CoVPN network is to enroll volunteers for large-scale phase 3 clinical trials testing different investigational vaccines and monoclonal antibodies for the prevention of COVID- 19. This network builds on the existing NIAID HIV Clinical trial networks (HVTN, HPTN, IDCRC, and ACTG) and aims to develop safe and effective vaccines to prevent COVID-19 using pre-existing resources and expertise in clinical trials.

The new building will house a triage room/specimen collection room, participant waiting area, two clinic rooms for enrolment and follow-up of volunteers, and an isolation room for participants who may be symptomatic, with an anteroom to serve as a dressing room/linen storage room. Each room will be fitted with a hand wash basin and a sanitizer dispenser.

The construction works are expected to be completed by the end of May 2021.