Nurses day celebration 2021

May 12, 2021

Wednesday 12th May 2021, was World Nurses Day and MUJHU nurses and midwives joined the rest of the world to celebrate the day. On Saturday 15th May 2021, the nurses and midwives converged at MU-JHU Care Ltd to officially celebrate Nurses’ Day 2021. The dress code was white and black. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the need to adhere to the MU-JHU SOPs in terms of social distancing, only a small proportion of the total MUJHU nurses and midwives could attend. The party had about 50 attendants with nurses arriving decked out in beautiful outfits and glowing faces.

The programme, which started at 12.00 noon included a lineup of entertainment, speeches, dancing, gift-giving and food! The amazing emcees of the day were none other than lively Zaam Zinda Nakawungu a Quality Control staff and articulate Gladys Nasuuna, a Nurse Coordinator based at Kawempe Hospital. The event was graced by special guests: Dr. Lillian Wambuzi the Director of Clinical Services; Maria Musisi the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, Dr. Mary Kyohere the Programme Manager of the offsite-based GBS/ WoMANPOWER study, and Gaudy Kyomuhendo a Midwife Consultant with UNFP.

The message that carried the day was the need for nurses to pursue career growth and not get comfortable with their current accomplishments. “If nursing were to be named after a part of the body, it would be the blood,” said Gaudy Kyomuhendo. Invited as the inspirational speaker of the day she shared her own career journey that has taken her from being a bedside nurse to a consultant with UNFP. Dr. Lillian Wambuzi, Director of Clinical Division in a similar message, encouraged the nurses and midwives to discover their potential, begin to unlock it so as to grow to greater heights. She elaborated on how a number of nurses she has interacted with have the potential to develop soft skills, engage in public speaking, training, research paper writing, and other endeavors which are marks of career development.

Five nurses were awarded certificates in recognition of their outstanding performance, superior dedication, and positive attitude on the job throughout 2021. Entertainment was provided by comedian Ssenga Ssebbanga and performer Peter Sango. The event was organized and coordinated by Sandrah Nansubuga and Joyce Namale-Matovu with support from the Nurses’, Human Resource, Procurement, and Finance sections.