M-CARE SACCO AGM and 2024-2025 Committee Elections

May 13, 2024
About the M-CARE SACCO

M-CARE SACCO is fully registered in compliance with the Co-operative Societies Act CAP 112 of the Republic of Uganda, Certificate number 11201/RCS. It was started in 2010 with a vision to empower MU-JHU staff with high-quality investment opportunities. M-CARE SACCO strives to be a SACCO of excellence in the provision of innovative financial services to its members at competitive and attractive rates. Its core values include Integrity, Professionalism, Fairness, Teamwork, Accountability and Transparency.

The SACCO has over 400 active members and its total Equity and Liabilities stands at 5,381,135,000Ugx. Currently, the SACCO has invested in Unit Trusts with ICEA Insurance company and with the newly appointed Investments Team on the Executive Committee, they hope to diversify into other investment ventures during this new leadership tenure.

During the 2024 AGM meeting held on 06th April 2024, elections for new office bearers were held, marking the end of the two-term service of the outgoing committee. In addition to electing new office bearers, members unanimously agreed to:

  • Transition the SACCO office to a cashless system to prevent fraud,
  • Hire a debt collector to recover old loans,
  • Conduct quarterly internal audits to proactively assess risks,
  • Distribute dividends and interest earned from FY2023.
  • The new Executive Committee was also tasked with implementing a welfare package for members.


Parting Message from the Outgoing Chairperson, Richard Ssebagala

Five years ago, M-CARE SACCO suffered a leadership crisis and was financially at its worst since its formation in 2010. At the 2020 AGM, members trusted me to lead eight hard-working men and women to bring back M-Care SACCO to greatness. The last four fiscal years have seen M-Care SACCO profit from investments outside lending and maintaining liquidity. For this among other successes, I thank my team; Paula, Mark, Doreen, Brenda, Julianne, Rebecca, Samson, Fabian, and Moses for unreservedly providing your talent and time to the M-CARE SACCO community. I believe that M-CARE SACCO will grow higher and higher and pray that the new board led by Paula will be supported by MU-JHU leadership and the AGM of M-CARE SACCO as it has been in the last thirteen years. 


Remarks from the New Chairperson, Paula Mubiru Namayanja

4th May 2024 was a special day in the life of M-CARE SACCO as we were ushered into the leadership role of the prestigious multi-billion SACCO.  I am humbled by the trust members placed in us and with their support, I am committed to serving our organization with dedication and integrity.

We thank our predecessors who have set the pace, for their leadership and contributions to SACCO’s growth. Their legacy is a testament to the power of collective effort and wise decision-making, and we will always look back at the wins and strive for better.

During this leadership, we hope to Foster a culture of transparency and accountability by improving our member benefits and services and empowering our staff to deliver exceptional services, expand our investment portfolio, and strengthen our risk management framework.

We as the Board cannot do this on our own and we invite every member on board to tirelessly work together with us to ensure our SACCO remains a beacon of excellence on this Mulago hill and beyond.

Blessings as we embark on this journey together.

Executive Committee

1. Ms. Paula Mubiru Namayanja, Chairperson
2. Mr. Mark Ssenyonga ,Vice chairperson
3. Dr. Zubair Lukyamuzi , Treasurer
4. Ms. Juliane Etima, General Secretary
5. Ms. Elizabeth Namirembe, Member
6. Ms. Judith Nampewo, Member
7. Mr. Gilbert Tumusiime, Member
8. Dr. Catherine Nakaye, Member
9. Ms. Agnes Namuddu, Member

Supervisory Committee

1. Mr. Michael Jacko Kibuuka, Chairperson
2. Ms. Jennifer Nakanwagi, Secretary
3. Ms. Saidah Nambogo, Member

Vetting Committee

1. Ms. Jane Ndamata
2. Dr. Aidah Ajambo
3. Ms. Maria Mary Musisi

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