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The MU-JHU Research Pharmacy is a state-of-the-art facility, located in the MU-JHU I building, that is furnished with adequate drug storage facilities, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, biosafety cabinets/isolators, temperature monitoring devices, alarm notification devices and a biometric entrance system to ensure the security and integrity of as well as restrict access to study/investigational products and records.

The pharmacy office has adequate sitting space, equipment /electronic devices, impervious worktops, a sink and epoxy painted floors that enable the Pharmacists to work with minimal interference/professionally and allow for easy detection of dirt and cleaning. A backup storage space with a similar set-up to the research pharmacy is available in the MU-JHU III building. The Pharmacy is run by a team of highly-skilled, experienced, well-trained pharmacists that handle the day to day study product management including but not limited to study product ordering, receipt, storage, preparation, dispensing and disposition/destruction.

The Pharmacists also supervise the dispensing team which consists of a pharmacy technician and dispensing nurses who work from the dispensing room adjacent to the research pharmacy. The dispensing team provides concomitant medications to the study participants. The dispensing room is also equipped with adequate facilities such as computers for electronic data entry, a water dispenser, intercom phone, impervious worktops for preparation of dispenses and shelves to store medications.

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