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Maama Papa Handcraft Group

Maama/Papa Handcraft started as a women’s group and its initial name was Maama which started on 23rd April 2005 with 25 women who were interested in making crafts. It was an idea generated from one of the participants who was by that time earning a living from handicrafts and encouraged her fellow members of the General psychosocial group to do the same and pledged to be a volunteer trainer which she did for quite some time.

However, to encourage male involvement in the reproductive health issues of their partners, men were encouraged to join the group and thus the rebirth of Maama/Papa, meaning the mothers and fathers group was formed as an income-generating activity. The first learning materials were bought from donations from one of the staff members and a well-wisher.

Main activities

  • Training and equipping members with the handcraft and tailoring skills
  • Housing cooperative(saving for adequate housing)
  • Psychosocial support (peer to peer support)
  • Serves young mothers who transitioned from MU-JHU young generation alive, all interested study participants and those who receive care and treatment from MU-JHU care limited.

To support, please contact Prossy Ssekajja, In-charge Maama Papa pssekajja@mujhu.org .