MU-JHU Board DirectorProf. Christopher Magala Ndugwa

Prof. Ndugwa is one of the founding members of MU-JHU Research Collaboration and previous Chair of the department of Paediatrics and Child Health Makerere University from 1971-2015 He has taught, supervised and mentored many Undergraduate & Postgraduate medical students and Paediatricians in Uganda and beyond. He served as Investigator/CQMP Officer- Makerere University-John Hopkins University (MU-JHU) Collaboration 1992-2016.
Prof. Ndugwa is currently Chairman of the National Polio Expert Committee (NPEC) WHO and has a passion for research especially in Pediatric infectious diseases and sickle cell disease. He played a major role in initiating the Sickle Cell Clinic in the Department of Pediatrics & Child Health in 1971 and later on consolidated the Sickle Cell Clinic at Mulago Hospital from a small unit of about 800 patients per year to a five day a week SCA/Daycare center that has registered over 10,000 patients.

His passion and commitment to children and adolescents with sickle cell disease has enabled significant improvements in their health. In addition, he conducted the early perinatal HIV prevention studies and Paediatric HIV treatment at MUJHU.
Prof. Ndugwa has authored over 70 publications, 4 abstracts and 5 book chapters all in the area of human health. He has supervised over 36 MMED students to successful completion of their theses, supervised 4 PhD students from Makerere University & Mbarara University of Science and Technology.
His contribution to the health sector both at National and Regional level cannot go unnoticed. As such he brings a wealth of knowledge to the MU-JHU Board as a committee member.