Invitation to Bid for Disposal of Used/Old MU-JHU Assets

June 7, 2024
Subject of Disposal: Disposal of Motorcycles, Motor Vehicle and Freezers
Disposal Reference


Disposal Method: Public Disposal
Date of Issue: 7 June 2024
  • MU-JHU Care Ltd intends to dispose of its Used/Old Assets The Assets are sold on an “as is, where is” basis and MU-JHU Care Ltd will have no further liability after the sale.
  • MU-JHU now invites sealed bids for the purchase of the assets indicated below;
Item No. Description of Assets Unit of measure Quantity Model Year of Make
1. Motor Vehicle, Make Nissan Patrol, Regular Number Plate, Purchased in 2016 Pc 1 STD 5MT 2016
2. Motorcycles, Make Senke, Regular Number plate Purchased 2014 and 2015 respectively Pc 2 FOX 2014
3. Medical Freezers, Make, Telstar, Capacity 830L Pc 2 U830 2015
  • Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the MU-JHU Procurement Policy and is open to all
  • Interested bidders may inspect the assets at MU-JHU Care Ltd Premises located in Upper Mulago Hill Road on Friday 14th June 2024 and Saturday 15th June 2024 between 10:00am to 04:00pm.
  • Interested bidders may obtain further information from MU-JHU Care Ltd Procurement Office and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below, on working days between 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • The Bidding Documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of UGX100,000. The method of payment will be EFT payment to MU-JHU Account details given below. The document will be hand delivered. No liability will be accepted for loss or late
  • Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before 1:00pm on Friday 28th June 2024. Late bids shall be rejected. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at the address below at 3:00pm on Friday 28th June 2024.
  • The successful bidder will be required to pay 100% of the value within 7 working days.
  • The Assets will be released to the successful bidder upon receipt of full payment.
  • . The Assets must be removed from MU-JHU premises immediately after payment.
  • The planned disposal schedule (subject to changes) is as follows:


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