Prof. Philippa Musoke receives Golden Jubilee Medal

January 30, 2022
The Golden Jubilee Medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding service and loyalty to Uganda from October 9th 1962 (when Uganda achieved her independence from Britain) to date.
Prof. Philippa with Chancellor Hajjat Zaminah Malole in her office at the Office of the President, Nakasero.
Golden Jubilee Award (Citizens) Wall of Fame at the Office of the President

This year, during the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Liberation Day celebrations Prof. Philippa Musoke was among the recipients of the Golden Jubilee Medal. The state credited her with participating in landmark research which demonstrated that a single dose of Nevirapine administered to an HIV positive mother at the onset of labour and the infant on delivery reduced mother to child HIV transmission by 50%. The study discovered an effective and affordable intervention to prevent mother to child HIV transmission in resource-limited countries. Subsequently, additional studies were conducted to further reduce mother to child HIV transmission through breastfeeding. Prof. Philippa Musoke had this to say, “ I would like to thank the late Prof. Francis A. Mmiro and MU-JHU as it would not have been possible without them”.

Romana Nabbosa