MU-JHU Staff Election to ACTG Pharmacy Working Group

April 19, 2023

We are proud to announce that our own Head of Pharmacy Section, Brenda Kakayi, has been selected to serve as Co-Chair of the ACTG Pharmacy Working Group (PWG) of the Protocol Development and Implementation Subcommittee (PDISC).

The PDISC is one of two subcommittees under the the Site Management & Clinical Care Committee (SMCCC) which oversees logistical processes essential for successful implementation and completion of the ACTG scientific research agenda. 

The AIDS Clinical Trials Group network is one of the largest HIV clinical trials organizations in the world, playing a major role in setting standards of care for HIV infection and opportunistic diseases related to HIV and AIDS in America and the developing world.

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Congratulations Brenda Kakayi.

Romana Nabbosa