Health Visitors: Miriam Takhuli Retires

August 30, 2021

Miriam Takhuli has retired from active duty after 17 years in MU-JHU Care LTD as Home Visitor. Before joining MU-JHU in 2004, Miriam was running a private Maternity and Nursing home in Lira. The year before Northern Uganda was experiencing occasional raiding LRA forces. The situation became so tense that Miriam feared the worst.“One morning I arrived at my office and found my verandah full of people. I sat at my table and started to pray to God loudly. Please, I think you see what is going on. Even if I get a little job in Kampala of 300,000 Ugx I will work.”

Within two weeks she saw an advertisement in the local papers calling for applications for the post of Nurse. She quickly took this as an answered prayer and worked with her sister to put together a stellar application.“At the time I had a sister who was working at the NWSC office in Lira, she let me use her computer to write up and print my application. Once I was done I drop the letter at the post office and waited.”Miriam did not wait for long, two weeks after the application deadline she was invited to MU-JHU Care Ltd for an interview. Long story short she was hired as a Health Visitor and like they say the rest is history.

When asked what she will miss the most about her work, Miriam says, “I enjoyed playing the role of an Aunty or a Jjaja to some of the study participants. You know some of them did not want it disclosed to their spouses or family that they were in clinical trials. I played my role very well  so I did not have any dropouts.” Throughout the studies, Miriam formed a bond with these participants to the extent that they would invite her to visit them whenever a new baby was born. She enjoyed the honour of participating in these family celebrations.

When asked how she has grown during her years at MU-JHU, Miriam quickly mentions that she has made investments in real estate. “I built rentals from a loan I got from MCare SACCO. What I earn from them right now is equivalent to my salary so I am okay.” In her 60s Miriam now looks forward to farming, caring for her ailing husband and spending time with her grandchildren. She proudly says that all her children are doing well. “I have no regrets working for MU-JHU. Leaving now is the right time. I have reached the age of retirement.”

Romana Nabbosa