Data Center

The MU-JHU Data Center is comprised of 150 square meters of floor space containing a file handling section, data entry section, a secure server room, administration rooms; secure file storage, and a QC/QA Section.

Danstan Bagenda
Data Center Director

The MU-JHU data center provides a wide range of IT services to MU-JHU collaboration personnel, including:

  • database design and implementation,
  • data entry validation (double entry), 
  • Logical Query checking, 
  • Reporting and Lab Data validation,
  • query resolution;
  • Case Report Form development advice; 
  • Secure storage of datasets;
  • QC/QA of electronic data to validate the accuracy of data sets.

To ensure that the stringent reporting and data management requirements dictated by the various ongoing studies are met, the Data Centre is well staffed with trained personnel and equipped with extensive computerized equipment.

Data management is primarily responsible for data entry and maintenance of study information captured from the various ongoing studies. Required data sets are captured using both manual double data entry and automated digital scanning and faxing techniques and continuously cleaned to minimize errors.

Data management also coordinates scheduling of clinic client visits using pre-defined algorithms and generates missed visit information useful for client tracking.

Data analysis and reporting is a core function of Data Management which is carried out by Data Managers and Statisticians. Adhoc and routine database querying and report generation as well as periodic routine reporting to external data management centres and DSMBs are some of the other critical functions carried out by Data Management.

Information and communication technology for the research unit is handled by the CIT which manages all network and computing resources used by the various divisions. With a rapidly growing hardware infrastructure of backend serves, networking devices and securely configured client workstation environment, the CIT provides enterprise class computing services and resources to the MUJHU network on a centralized uninterruptible clean power platform. Multi-user study database installation and maintenance, data backups, security configuration and patch deployment are core functions of CIT in support of the Data Management activities. Both units work hand in hand to ensure efficient continuity of Data Centre activities.